Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Primum non Nocere

I said “I want to go to sleep and not wake up.” In retrospect, what I said was the equivalent to saying “bomb” in an airport. What I wanted to say was that I wanted to go to sleep and not wake up in that place, but in my home. However, according to the law, this doctor was obligated to involuntarily commit me to a psychiatric facility. Though this is the only thing that happened to me during this entire ordeal that was technically legal, I still take exception to the fact that I was deemed “involuntary” since I presented myself to the hospital voluntarily. Furthermore, I can’t imagine that anyone, whether they were having a panic attack or not, after having been shoved into what amounted to a jail cell, left alone, stripped of their own clothing and forced into ill-fitting paper scrubs (I am only 4’6” tall), ridiculed, baited, and harassed by security guards and left completely unmedicated for 19 hours, would have had any desire to go to sleep and wake up in that place, either.

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