Monday, April 1, 2013

Pulling Strings

Oh my.  I think I have actually had a writing epiphany.

I know the problem.  And I know the solution.

First, I went back through my blog.  What got the most attention?  What was it about a particular post that drew people?  What did I do?  What did I write?  Why? 

Feelings.  Not stories.  Not characters.  Feelings.  That is what I do.

It's what I feel when I'm in the sweet spot.

You know the sweet spot.  That place.  When you write.  You're putting words on the page.  Tossing them like splatter paint.  And they arrange themselves into some heavenly body with which god alone can compete.  And only barely at that. 

The writing orgasm.  The fuck yeah. 

I asked myself.  What exactly am I doing at that moment?  During my fuck yeah?  

Feelings.  That is what I do.  And I just realized that.  I make people feel things.  The story is just an avenue.  One of many.  One of thousands.  The characters are merely the mode of transportation.  One of many.  One of thousands.  

But the purpose.  Is emotion.  Touching.  Tasting.  Hearing.  Seeing.  Feeling.  Drawing the reader through a carnival of commotion of my own creation.  

That is why I exist.  I exist to make people feel things.  It is my job.  And the way I choose to effect that purpose is through words. 

So it is with this in mind that I shall now practice my craft.  I must write a story in first person whose main character is deafblind and mute. 

And if I am really the writer I proclaim myself to be, he will have been born that way. 

Or perhaps locked-in syndrome?  

Either way, wish me luck.

P.S.-  Did you know that a marionette's puppeteer is technically referred to as a manipulator?  How apt.  How wickedly, shamelessly, recklessly apt.  



  1. "Writing orgasm" ---NIIICE! I'll have to remember that. Best of luck with your story, but I know you don't need luck. You are already a great writer. A bad ass one, at that.

  2. I'm the opposite. I think... I'm pretty sure that I totally struggle with writing about emotions. I try. I really do try to describe certain emotions but bleh nothing comes out. Maybe it's like a constipation is blocking me somewhere in my brain where the fluidity of my words are trapped behind some odd and invisible blockage. I need to find a way to release my brain so my words can finally flow freely. You know what I mean?

    I think my successful posts are the funnier ones. But oddly enough, my most recent post where I honest to god tried to be deeply dark most readers left comments telling me how witty and funny I am.

    p.s. pun not intended. you know what i'm talking about... ;)

    1. You're fucking disgusting!


      Seriously, though. I've actually had the opposite problem. People assume something has a dark meaning when it did not. Or they assume it has meaning at all, when sometimes it just doesn't. I remember a couple years or so ago writing something about a woman answering her phone in the middle of the night, getting some kind of terrible news, and dropping the phone. No real meaning, just that scene. Someone commented and actually thought the fucking phone was possessed. I shit you not.

    2. Dropping the phone in the middle of the night when you get bad news is just a normal physical thing to happen! People are knuckle heads. Starting with me - I am always the last one to understand stuff I shit you not (ha! I actually used the word there for something totally non related to IT) for a smart chick I can be pretty stoopid!

    3. dam it! I keep meaning to tell you that I really do love your new header and how you use your picture in it...

    4. Hand to god, I did that totally by accident. I have no idea what I did. I was just clicking shit and all of a sudden it did that. That's pretty much the story of my life....

  3. Feelings! Whoa, whoa, whoa feelings...

    I struggle with writing feelings. Wait. Do I? I don't even know! You know how lucky you are to have had your epiphany already? Go. Go now, and have a writer's orgasm, telling the page what that deafblind mute is feeling!