Tuesday, March 19, 2013


You know what annoys me?  Well.  A lot of things annoy me.  But.  This one thing in particular is clearly annoying me enough right now to write about it.  And it is this: 

True crime shows.  Dateline NBC.  Investigation Discovery.  All those shows.  Well, they are not what annoy me.  But it's a certain thing almost all of them unfailingly contain.  Someone describing the bad guy's courtroom disposition.  They are always stoic.  They always "show no emotion."  Their eyes are always "dead."  He always "has no soul."  He "didn't react at all" to some such thing.  Or she.  Lest I be crucified.  OR SHE..... 


Seriously.  Seriously?   Dude.  Maybe I'm just a sociopath.  Huge surprise there, right.  

It's not hard.  And.  It means absolutely nothing.  The look (or lack of one) on my face.  The "deadness" of my eyes.  The lack of (interpretable) emotion.  It's not hard.  

I've never killed anybody.  I've never dismembered a corpse.  I've never given birth to a prom night dumpster baby.  I could sit at a defendant's table in a courtroom 100% innocent.  And show you ZERO emotion.   Flash me some gruesome pics.  Talk about all the nasty murdery shit you want to.  Bodies, blood, body parts, decomp, blah, blah, blah.

That's right.  Nuttin'.  

It's not fucking hard, people.  



What is even more interesting?  And annoying?  These very same people, who are absolutely certain the bad guy is a soulless lump of heartless, cold, calculating, dead-eyed clay, actually stand up in front of him and read a "victim's statement."  Why?  If the dude ain't got no soul, do you really expect him to feel your pain?  If the dude is dead inside, you may as well be talking to a doorknob.  There is no soul there.  Do you think he is even listening to you?

Okay.  Fine.  You feel like you need to say the words.  You miss your murdered whoever.  I get it.

But if he is cold and dead and soulless.... well.... I..... you know.... I just don't get it.

You know what I would like to do?  A study.  A scientific thingamabob.

Get a bunch of pictures of the faces of accused psychokillers and victim's families.  Just the faces.  As neutral as possible.  Preferably, relatively unrecognizable to the average public.  (I.e., no Ted Bundy).  And take a poll.  Have people look at the pictures and choose which are the accused and which are the victims. 

You know why humans do this, don't you?  Make these kinds of judgments?   Marginalization.  Psychokillers MUST look and behave like psychokillers.  Otherwise, ANY OF US COULD TURN INTO A PSYCHOKILLER!!

They'd be unrecognizable.  They'd be..... (DUN. DUN. DUN)  NORMAL!!!!!


/Rant over.




  1. It's like you're in my head sometimes. Stop it. :)

    1. I knew I couldn't possibly be the only one who thinks about this shit LOL.