Monday, January 14, 2013

Brain Fizzies

There is this place.   It is called "The End of Greatness."

It is a place where.

Let me see if I can explain it, at least explain what I understand it to mean.

It is a place- subjective, of course, to the point of view of the observer- where one is looking so far into the distance of space that objects become indiscernible and the all of ever and everything simply melds together into a singular mass.  

I have seen it defined as all that which lies beyond our observable universe.  

"The so-called End of Greatness is where you give up trying to find more superlatives to describe large scale objects in the universe ....... Beyond the End of Greatness, it's best just to consider the universe as a holistic entity – and at this scale we consider it isotropic and homogenous." (Dome of the Sky)

In my lamest of lame attempts at wrapping my brain around what may as well be considered "functional infinity," I have discovered a couple of things.

1.  To even begin to entertain, no matter for how minutely of a nanosecond, that Earth is the only planet to host an intelligent species, and that human beings are truly alone in the Universe, is utterly ridiculous.  Laughable even.  

2.  Beyond a couple of generations, the vast percentage of individual human beings matter about as much as a solitary crumb in between your couch cushions, and you will have about as much impact on the world you leave behind. 

3.  The fact that we are destroying our planet and each other does not matter.  Our planet is one of millions.  Human beings are one of millions.  Perhaps even billions. 

4.  The Earth and we upon it lie in what millions of other intelligent lifeforms would consider their own "End of Greatness."  Outside of their observable universe.  Within that space where their universe is so vast that it morphs into a homogeneous blob.

I have heard the theory, idea, whatever batted around that there are certain ideas that are so big that they are not worth dwelling on.  Most especially the idea that there are multiple  universes, whether alternate or simply multiples.

And I have decided.

There are NO ideas that are too big to think about.

The bigger, the better, I say.

Bring on the brain fizzies.  Kind of like Coke and Pop Rocks.  Think, think, think.  FIZZZZ.



  1. I love it when you get macrocosmic like this. I say, go big or go home.

    1. Sometimes, I wish I didn't think about shit like this. Same with the whole death issue. I think the two are somehow related, though I haven't figured it out yet. I know it makes me sad to know that I will never live to discover all the truths about the universe. And that is why I write. I will write a story in which I can make my own truths. I want to matter as much as possible, and I only have very few people and very little time with which to make it happen. And somewhere in there, I want to stop and smell the ocean.

    2. Yeah, just like some people will make me growl inwardly, "God I wish I had your brain so that I could get some rest" :) NOT. Of course you don't wish you didn't think about that shit. Then you wouldn't be you.

      I'm jealous at your drive and commitment to writing. And your time management. I can't afford the time right now because my PhD is gaining momentum, but I sure am feeling inspired by you and a (precious) few other bloggers to see if I wouldn't want to go back to writing fa real. 2013 has been an awesome kick in the ass so far.

      And as far as discovering the secrets of the universe go, it seems to have nothing to do with our finite lives. I saw a documentary the other day where they actually calculated that there is not enough TIME IN THE UNIVERSE for everything that there is to be known about it to actually be known. How oddly liberating, no? Keep writing!

  2. good song

    I like these kind of posts. they show your intelligence and yourwonder.

  3. To think we are the only planet with life in the universe is ridiculous and arrogant. You certainly don't think small, I love your stuff.

  4. Despite vastness, truth and time I live for the moment and have no doubts that similar is going on elsewhere.