Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More Silly

I fear my book isn't smart enough.  I haven't even used the word entropy yet.  
And then I remind myself that I am not writing for Asimov.  I am not writing hard science fiction.  I am writing an adventure story.  Because it's fun.  And I love adventures.  And while I do stick my toe into a few accuracies that fascinate me, most of my body is stuck in wonderment, whatiffery, and awesomely badass weapons and a super evil space mafia.  And that makes me smile again.  

It makes me go back to inventing words by smashing together esperanto and latin and aramaic simply for the joy of inventing words.  

It makes me go back to creating real characters with flaws and dirty mouths and sex drives. 

It makes me go back to writing for people who want to run away with blue-haired girls through wormholes that make you puke, or learning how to pull space toward you like rolling up a carpet because it doesn't make you puke as bad as wormholes. 

Where fish eyes are more powerful than the most powerful telescope. 

Where off the grid means off the fucking grid.

Where all the concepts and science and fantasy and ideas that have been jumbled in my head since I was a kid all come together in my own 4-trillion kelvin quark gluon soup that I stir with my bullshit spoon.  

And then, I fear my book isn't quite silly enough. 

The world needs more silly. 


  1. Or possibly it needs silly entropy. Hard to tell which until you're in revisions.

  2. I think it needs more you...and maybe me.

    I'm enduring this neurosis too. My rewrites have made me think I'm just not effin good enough to write something literary.

    hang in there dude. Your thing will be smart, and bad ass.

  3. Meh. You're always going to fear it's not one thing or another thing... go with your guts. So far, they've led you to profitable writing.

  4. See? I was just saying something very similar to my wife yesterday. "I'm a bad writer because I will never write anything like Delany, Disch, Asimov, Sturgeon or the others. I'm never gonna write anything that will be dissected in a classroom a hundred years from now."

    She told me to STFU and just write. People will read it. Just write to entertain.

    Made me feel better for a few hours.

    I think writers (those of us who give a damn and don't have huge egos) worry about this. And you know what? It'll make us better writers. It'll make us strive for balance between smart and silly, thought-provoking and entertaining.

    I'll also tell you this: No matter what you think of your book, I already want to read it because I already know I'll like it.

    1. Thank you ;-) I, too, have been told to just STFU and write. It's hard, but that's really the only way to do anything substantial. I'd second-guess myself straight to hell if it were possible.

  5. This is the perfect caption for your Writer's Hat picture from a few posts ago. Totally what I would have imagined you thinking right then and there, being in love with your work.

    1. Yeah, I'm a little enamored with it ;-) I know all authors probably say that. I have struggled with writing an adventure story without dumbing it down, and to not go toward the other extreme and wind up sounding pretentious. And on top of all of it, I have never read sci-fi before. Yeah, I know. I just never have been into it. I've seen plenty of movies, ones I loved. But Verne? Nope. I don't like his writing style. I tried, though. Lovecraft? Nope. Not yet, at least. Just never got into it. I've read a little Asimov, but that's really it. I'm terrible, I know.... Most of what I read is nonfiction.... I'm shamefully not very well read.... I really hate that about myself.