Friday, December 21, 2012

Kiss My Pith

Gimme, gimme
Hands await
Expectation, not tradition
Demand, not wishing
Charity, when convenient
Joy manufactured
Love, store-bought
Foods rich, souls broke
In the name of a fat christ in red
Give it up.

"This weekend we want you to give us a pithy summary of your feelings about the holidays.  Your response does not need to be cynical or sarcastic.  We welcome all thoughts and feelings about this time of year--so long as you express those thoughts and feelings in 33 words."


  1. And here I thought mine was cynical :/ In any case, I'm afraid your's is on target, especially about the gimmie and demand stuff. I still like the holiday though.

  2. I like the atmosphere of the holiday. I don't like what it's become: everything you name. :/

  3. that's what i see on the tv - good the economy -

  4. Joy manufactured! Ha! Loved your honest take! :D

  5. I surely can't argue with your take - but I'm still going to remain hopeful - it's my greatest flaw. ;)

  6. That about says it all. So much truth in this.

  7. The M~A~G~I~C of Christmas resides in tiny sticky fingers grasping for the next package from the pile amid "oohs" and "aahs."

    As adults . . . most of the M~A~G~I~C is missing. Probably because we see the bills, and have to entertain the troops, and already have MORE than ENOUGH.