Tuesday, October 23, 2012


As tolerance for that which binds us betides, it also chews ever slyly at our sense of urgency to escape it.  The swamp of shit bubbling around me had become my world. The circumstance, this bogey man, my severed tendons, my terror- All of it was the only world in which I existed.  In retrospect, it is quite startling how swiftly I dispatched with all I knew, accepting insanity as the cool side of the pillow.  I shook hands with fear, and agreed to remain nameless in silent subjugation.  I pressed my forehead against the window.  The glass was cool.  

I'm playing with Lance and Leroy's 100 Word Song this week, as he has ever so kindly been popping me in the back of the head to jump on the bandwagon, soooo.... Yay!



  1. this rocks
    might as well do as the Romans do
    and then kick some ass :)

  2. perfect

    The way you placed the last line gives this piece a lot of strength and depth.

    Leeroy loves it