Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Open your hand
It is there
The scion flame
remembrancer’s eye
memento vita
the fire of magic past-
a gift meant only for you.
Within is scrawled the dreamwalker’s prayer,
a story in the shadow of time.
That path now lay fallow-
lone in a winter of deeper skies,
waiting for your feet to find.
Your hair, parted in a wasteland,
feels the shame of a weakened hand.
Mudslung and maligned,
days fall dark.
Yet with each autumn passing,
a braver boy shines,
touched by the au fait hand of gold
waving you by,
waving you through.
Carry on, sheikh marigold maker,
Brought to court
by the sweetness of
outcast angels.
May your treehouse stand strong
in the face of undoing.
May your light glow hot,
raining love on men at war.
Oh, kindled star
Carry on.



  1. Lots of great lines in there, and the idea of your feet finding their path. I especially liked,
    "May your light glow hot,
    raining love on men at war.

  2. Brought to court
    by the sweetness of
    outcast angels...nice...and i love the sense of encouragement i get toward the end of this...just the pick me up i needed...smiles...i love autumn as well..

  3. BRIAN! (Sorry...he nabbed my favorite phrase!) Really great lines throughout, but the thought of the sweetness of outcast angels is a trip I'm quite enjoying. There's a thousand poems to be sparked from that one! Loved it!

  4. There's a fine mix here of modern, eclectic, fantastical image and classic timbre and tone--hard to do, but I get the feeling this is your style--exceptionally good, and it appeals to me on every level. Glad I happened to see your entry sandwiched among the zillions--the name is fetching.

  5. darkangelwrites took my comment

    Those are my favorite lines too.

    I like how this builds throughout, like a car racing