Tuesday, August 21, 2012


She is a river in an undying hand
a diamond riddle flowing in the shape of time
through a loupe of fertile faces 
powered by the grains
falling down to sway a fouler heart
The hand of lady justice calls
her sodden song
sets right the scales
for the head that ever weeps below
and the tails that never reach the sky.
Her current feeds on shelter winds unbound with laughter and 14-karat secrets. 
Her sediment hides the sadder dreams, silt for losing, thorns for the crying times.    
The day comes once when she spills into newborn trickles,
seeded by her fading tides until the bloom rushes in. 
Dry beds etched with the story of Mother Rain,
the tale of Father Sand cracking bones of painted desert
darking games to bleed the shame 
darking games to feed the pain
skipping rocks for kissing sweeter
on and on she flows
shaping time
time again
birthing eyes to grace the lips
sway the heart
on tipping scales
weep and reach
laugh to cry for the fading child
tides shall fall
wither to bloom
and again
rushing in.

3: personality, disposition <a cold heart> 

dVerse Open Link Night- Week 58


  1. Wonderfully powerful sense of imagery loved this--

  2. dang...wicked flow in this....great word play too...the heads & tails lines, ha tight....birthing eyes to grace the lips...really love your write...

  3. You should be writing lyrics for Death Metal bands.

  4. tides shall fall
    wither to bloom
    and again
    rushing in
    Such strong writing here.

  5. lol @ Tony's comment

    I like how the first two sentences draw you into this trip. I had to read this four times to find "heart". well played.

    I love the imagery and intensity here

  6. Ahhhhh, what an amazing river poem -- like no other. Beautiful and mysterious like a river herself.

  7. Not to make such an obvious pun, but I love the flow of this one, so much like a river with its slower passages and sudden, swift turns.

  8. You seem so hopeful in this apocalyptic age of dying rivers and rivers that are drying up! And all fresh water resources are being bought up by private interests that want to profit from our coming shortages.

    She runs downhill to the sea in rampages now. Or does not get there at all any more.

    If Lady Justice rules, then she rules in someone else's favor, I am aafraid, since we have befouled the air, the land, the rivers and the oceans. Pray to Lady Compassion instead. And bottle all your tears!

  9. Like Lance, it took me several reads to find the heart. To me, that's always a good sign. Wow, this is really powerful stuff. I loved so many parts of it, to quote them would basically require re-posting your poem. Great job with the prompt.

  10. Beautifully lyrical; great language in this throughout.

  11. I loved the way each new line revealed something new, like a bend in the river. Also, I loved the shape of the poem. It was very riveresque. Outside of a blog (which is unlikely to cooperate with the formatting, this would make a perfect rivershape I feel certain.