Saturday, August 4, 2012

Elver Royale- Le Fable

The Prince of Eels grew lungs,
slithered out under the sun.
His kingdom of dirt christened
Upon all he surveyed
lied strewn legless bones of eelfare.
For eels should never grow lungs.

"Tell us an original fable in exactly 33 words."


  1. Ye writers beware lest this tale tell your soul
    Stick to writing what yee all know

    Charnel-on-Moor. I loved that.

  2. He should have ruled over Eel St. Louis, on the Seine, where he would have been better suited. Well written!

  3. I love the message rooted in this one

  4. Things change and evolve, we can't escape it.

  5. No. Eels should no grow lungs.
    p.s. why exactly? ;)

    1. Well, first they ain't got no legs. And since they are cold-blooded and nocturnal, if they ain't got no legs and can't get to shelter, then they will just wash up on shore and die a terribly painful death. Since they have lungs and can breathe, they'll just lay there and either die of exposure or be eaten by predators they can't run from. How effective would humans be feeding themselves, keeping warm, and hiding from predators if we suddenly had gills? I'm just sayin..... we should all be thinking of these kinds of things.... or maybe it's just me.....