Sunday, July 22, 2012

On And On

Sweet face of transgression-
tales and preludes and sequels
mar her skinscape
with foibles of pure intention.
Inky fingers pan for gold
in gentler form-
For the strands and knots of sleep
hang idly by,
abiding the snatch
The gray creeps-
a song of denial center stage,
serving time in a grail a la carte.   
Chocolate eyes-
Oh, master of lies,
awaken to glare
through the holes of
reckless banter.
And shut again
on the flyaway tongue of
hope in a box,
on the Eve
of the ills of man.
Twirling Eve
upon the coals
of the ills of man. 
She scrubs the night,
brushes away the grit of the game,
licks the antivenin unmade,
swallows her tithe to the
slow-wave treasures in the dark. 
Dawning now behind the devil
is just another day
for the dirty girl laughing.
Another day
to flip her ruffles at the boys.
Another day
dancing with the dimple luring angels to their doom.
Another day
blowing fuses
in the machine.  

  dVerse Poetics-
I invite you to observe someone or something and describe what you see."


  1. Did the ills of man make the dirty girl dirty or vice versa?

    we're both machines....we'll run forever

    1. Oh certainly. Both. Eve and "the ills of man" are a reference to Pandora's box. Pandora was created my prometheus as the first woman. And one line of thinking says that the ills of man are what is in Pandora's box. Which is usually what gets set loose from my flyaway tongue ;) Which is most definitely what makes the dirty girl dirty.

      I can't believe I just explained that. I never explain. You tricked me!!

  2. wow you see a lot...this is multi-layered...have read it a few times and still dont have it all...some really nice flow and imagery...the bit that really grabbed my starts with she scrubs the night and just rolls from there...

  3. this is so multilayered - just as life is - what i like most here is the fact that we only see so much but most of it is still covered and shines only through periodically

  4. Keep flipping her ruffles at the boys.