Sunday, July 29, 2012

Monkey Sea

Little, little
stringless fiddle
teach my friendless funk to fly.
Curve my bow
whisper low
gimme crazy bells to try.

Crashy, clashy
trailer trashy
wontchoo lemme lick your ears?
Splatter muck
all in my truck
kick the gauntlet tossed with tears.

Whistle, whistle
gnaw your gristle
tell me, magic man, to speak.
Whip me lightly
fuck me nightly
punch me, rape me, call me freak.




  1. You sound like Tom Waits's sister.

  2. Wow. The story I have in mind for this prompt is sooooo totally different. I love Magpies in how they're so open to interpretation and every submission is so entirely different one from the other.

    I love when a god licks my ears. I especially love it when he sniffs my ears. Ear sniffing by a dog is by far one of the best life experiences ever. That and swimming with dolphins.

    Great take Miss Rockstar!

    1. I know it was a typo, but sometimes brilliance comes by accident. Perhaps we are all waiting for god to lick our ears? ;-)

    2. Ha! I typo'ed dog to god and back to dog. A god licking my ears... hmm - food for thought? A goddess licking my ears? NOW we're talking! And I have NO clue why I'd choose a goddess over a god. A goddess is sensual. A god is ... sermony, lectury, paternizing. Unless it's a surf god. Then he can lick away!

  3. dang....very lyrical...and grit galore the further it went....

  4. I think this is very courageous writing, GITM, you have guts, and Hecates hound of course is closely tied to sexuality . I felt confronted and yet somegow uplifted by your openness, ill try and make it an inspiration to me. We are all so polite on these poetry forums! , cheers.

  5. Very different and very good.

    Anna :o]

  6. This is high-quality poetry ... excellent rhythm and word selection. A deviant speaker always makes a poem more interesting. Very clever word play in your title: "Monkey See, Monkey Do." So if you are a wet sea of monkeys, you will do a whole lot of what you're told ... and like it.

    These are my favorites:
    "teach my friendless funk to fly"
    "gimme crazy bells to try"
    "Whistle, whistle gnaw your gristle"

    And the turn in the ending, of course.

  7. nicely done indeed godess...thanks for sharing this