Thursday, June 28, 2012

That Moment

When you realize your quiet, sweet, baby chile has a blinding spirit with a brain to match.

It's pretty awesome.  

Not that I didn't already know, but unless you make a concerted effort, sometimes our quiet ones tend to slip through the cracks.  

Do you know how NASA is able to photograph objects in the farthest reaches of our universe?  Aside from the fact that they are actually traveling back in time when they do this, which is truly one of the most badass things I can imagine.  Beside the point.  Do you know how they do this?  

The space photographers (which I will one day change my last name to, so that I can actually sign my name as Aimee Davis Space Photographer)  have to isolate their light.  And they do this by blocking out the light from all of the celestial objects in the space between. 

Sometimes you have to isolate the babies.  The quiet ones.  The ones who are content to sit in the background observing, taking notes, soaking up life like a sponge while making as few ripples in time as possible.  Sometimes, we need to block the light from our Jupiter babies so that we can explore our Kuiper Belt.

Perhaps you might find that, unintentionally, you've dismissed him as the quiet kid who likes playing video games.  Or that, "he's just not a talker."  Perhaps not as astute as his older, louder, camera-hog of a brother. 

And that is when your little Kuiper Belt likes to sling a comet in your direction.  Suddenly, all the telescopes on Earth are swiveled to zoom in on this little unassuming rock hurtling toward us.  

That's when you find yourself entrenched in a conversation with this child about philosophy.  No, really.  He suddenly wants to talk about things like how to find a balance between staying a child and being an adult.  And how he doesn't think (insert name of family friend) is doing it right at all.  And how most kids think it is such a romantic notion until the bills start piling up.  (His words).  And why girls are so emotionally dependent on boys and how he is supposed to handle it.

And....  "I'm not like other kids my age.  I'm much more tender-hearted.  I just seem to feel emotions differently." 

And then you find out that the reason he is so quiet is because.... ahem.... "most people can't keep up with me in a conversation, so what's the point?"



On second thought.

The Kuiper Belt is probably an insult.

He's more like Nibiru.



  1. I've never wanted to be a mom, but reading about your kids makes me think that I'd consider it if I could be guaranteed my kids would be as awesome as yours. And you're the only blogger I have read who can write about her kids in a way that doesn't make me lose interest completely in the first 5 words. No offense to the mommy bloggers, but I always feel like I'm not in the "mommy know". I can't relate to their experiences at all. But you write about your children in a way that showcases the type of PEOPLE they are. Not just what it's like to be a parent to those people. And maybe that's why they're so cool.

  2. What an awesome child! Parenting is a crazy adventure isn't it?!?! :)