Saturday, May 5, 2012

You, Soft and Only

Dear Elise-
your fire eyes caught him
taught him how to dream
of castles clutching sand
of make-believe hearts
and worlds where your blue eyes

Dear Spiderman-
your furry holes made him
shivering, precious, hungry boy
hiding in the parlour.
Creeping softer, quicker in the gathering gloom.
Oh, your candystripe legs
with your tongue in his eyes,
I know your dinner is the suddenly flies.

Dear Dead Man on the Beach-
sea and self at the end of a gun.
Staring at the dead.
Staring alive.
Kill the stranger,
his eyes smooth in your hand.
Kill the Arab
or absolutely nothing
and walk away.

Dear Cagey Tigers-
such a wonderfully treacherous scream.
You hissing, groovy lovecats, you.
You sleek and biting lovecats, you. 
Broken mice
and hated pieces
growing wider and brighter
with cream in your tea
and on me.

Dear You-
my pictures are real.
The kiss in the rain
running soft with drowning angels.
In the dark, we were lost
in the make-believe sky.
As it fell, you broke apart.
The right words, so close.
And the fear, like pictures of me,
was real. 

Dear boys-
you take it for granted.
Tell me you love me.
Hide the tears in a laughing lie.
Plead and judge me.
Cover and beg me.
But boys
dVerse promptPoetics, "Our music."

I had way the fuck too much fun with this one.  Hopefully, my old man will read it, or I'll give him a little nudge in this direction ;-)  This one's for you, lovely man who lives in my marital bed!  Totally cheesy, but I expect raunchy sex tonight.


  1. Oh- the of my favourite favourite twisted the brilliantly! Spiderman/lullaby- my fave cure song- the video of Robert Smith being eaten by a spider used to freak me the fuck out- but. Still could help but watch it. They're playing in the uk this year- I need to get some tickets. You know this can't have been easy to write! It's complicated! Absolutely love what you've done here!

  2. I'm not familiar with the cure, but your writing is awesome am glad to have read it today.

  3. really very good...ah...and yeah that spider video was freakin nuts....there are some nice linguistic gymnastics in this...i know it was fun to write...and i hope you get what you want...ha...

  4. I am not familiar with the bands but thought your writing was wonderful. This seems to be a personal write about your music and I hope your man reads it tonight ~

  5. Really well written, so much in here... And after all that hard work, I hope your evening turned out as you hoped it would and that raunchy rewards followed!

  6. haha..very cool... and yeah, it reads like you had fun with this..smiled at your footnote as well