Monday, May 14, 2012

Shits and Giggles

Found this in the closet just now.  I made this for my husband for Christmas when I was 15 years old.  A week before he left for Army basic training.  Click on it to get the full punky/grungy effect! 

This is like full-on, hardcore, mid-90s pop culture BLOGVOMIT!  Shut up.  Don't be hatin'.

I suddenly have a weird, subconscious desire to go on iTunes and get my Jesus Lizard on.  While wearing plaid flannel and combat boots.  Stop looking at me like that.  

Maybe I'll start a brand new Goddess blog series called, "letters from boot camp?"

Ohhhh my GAWD..... I'M BRILLIANT!!

Although there was that one letter.....yikes.

YES!  We can start a blog-pit, can't we??  You know.... a mosh pit, but with blogs.  Which means absolutely nothing.  Shut up.  Listen to the Jesus Lizard.  Let the mid-90s permeate your soul. 



  1. You're so fucked up I just may have to pack my shit and move in with you! Oh the fun we'd have pretending to be 16, wearing short black boots, mini skirts and torn tees. We throw stuff together, call it art and then throw insults at each other with magnetic poetry...

  2. The mini skirts have to be ripped and frayed on the bottom. And we should be wearing thigh highs with garters!!

    Insults and rhymes and secret codes. And paint-flinging human body art. I bet we could make cast molds of boobs and decorate them like Faberge eggs and they will become collectables in the super-rich jet-setter circles. We'll be famous!

    1. Frayed. Check. Of course! Socks with holes too. My fave. I think when I die I want to be buried in clothing of an ageless punk rock chick. Then again, fuck it, I'm getting cremated.

  3. Is that Lisa Stansfield???

  4. Ah yes ;-) You noticed. It was an inside joke.

  5. My era! I loved the 90's. Thought that was Suede up there on the right corner at first glance, so got a little excited.....this is a fabulous idea. I'd much rather have this kinda thing for a pressie than something that'd tarnish round my neck after a week.

  6. thats a pretty awesome collage you did there aimee .. you rock

    i dont know why it says unknown when i post, but my names adam

  7. It's wicked nice to meet you, Adam :)