Thursday, May 10, 2012

No Distance

Her legs give her purpose. 
When else fails to feed her, legs assuage the hunger. 
for movement – for fury – for fire. 
She stretches them. 
With the tiniest magic that lives
in the pit of her wit,
she tries to draw them long-
Pull them from the hips that hold them,
Peel them from the joints
threatening a revolution.
No and never
Never long.
They hurt.
Today and always.

One on foot, the other afloat
They know the steps-
the way out and back
where the money hides,
trees bent toward singularity.
The gray sliding into home on the safe side.
Tendons thrum a bone drum,
tap a rimshot-
crash and thrash and metaphlash
on a crass brass symbol.
Spitting life between cheek and gums.
The chaser won’t chase.
She’d stop.  If he would.  She’d stop.
Turn, let him chase.
Laugh as he sweeps her legs from under
let them rest
Weight balanced in a dust bowl shiver.
                They hurt. 
                Today and always. 

Revolution staggers
as a side-down-up fool
asleep in the bottom of the bottle. 
Chase me, hook me, reel me, net me.
Let me soak in your ice water pond.
Butter me, toast me, roast and eat me.
I hear I go best with tempura toes.
Step up, neither fore nor hind.
Just stay, heel to heel
Jump the falls                                                        
the caverns and grottos
expanse of time
93 million miles
from Mother to Sol.
No distance these legs won’t run
                They hurt.
                Today and always.
No distance these legs won’t run. 



  1. I need to go running. I've always loved the feeling. Always wondered if I was running TO or AWAY. You make me miss running...

    1. You can only run away so far until you're halfway home.

  2. I can only run for three and a half miles before my left knee starts hurting, old football injuries.

  3. A secret. I've told no one but my husband, so feel lucky. FEEL IT! NOW!

    I am running a half marathon in October.

    I busted a hamstring in January and it still bothers me daily (that's a secret, too. In fact, even the husband doesn't know that one).

    I'm doing the Warrior Dash next weekend.

    I am terrified I am going to hurt myself and won't be able to run the half marathon.

    Because the half marathon in on October 21, which would be my youngest sister's 31st birthday. But she passed away in 1993.

    So I am running for her. It's kind of a big deal. To me, anyway.

  4. I've got a couple of mates that have run full marathons and they told me about people that had slight, niggling leg injuries that made themselves known in a big way during these. Get some decent training in before you attempt this.

  5. I admire runners. I wish I could learn to love running. But really, I HATE it! The cruel, cruel irony for me though, is that it's the only thing that makes me drop the weight, like no other diet/work-out does! I would be SOOOOOOO skinny, if only I liked to run. ;)