Monday, May 28, 2012

Blackness and Junk!

My Google reader says I am 30 posts behind.  The dVerse prompt is Memorial Day and my husband is in the Army.  You'd think I'd be all over that shit.  I've let 3 Trifecta prompts pass.  There is a new Magpie Tales prompt.  And my Spawn and I are in the process of planning some super-secret blogfunstuff.  And yet here I am posting some lame shit about how I am tired and I feel like shit.  And I don't think there has ever been a time in my entire life when I have felt less inspired.

I'm going to try to get caught up on my reading.  And I am going to gorge myself on strawberry shortcake I just made.  Even though it's just gonna make me feel grosser.  Is grosser even a word?

Don't care.

It's times like these that I wish I knew how to snort oxycodone.

Okay, that was a joke.  Seriously.  I could never snort anything.  Just thinking about it gives my nose that awful feeling like when you accidentally inhale water at the swimming pool.  Ick.

Bad mood.  BAD MOOD.  And not the kind of bad mood that inspires all sorts of wicked awesome poetry about blackness and junk.

Just a "give me the fucking bowl of cheescake batter and get the fuck away from me" kind of bad mood.

Plus I feel fat.

And gross.

Go away. 


Get off my blog!



  1. I just made crepes while feeling fat, and now feel even fatter. Ain't no shame in that. "I'll think about it tomorrow."

    For what it's worth, I love the new picture. The look in your eye is like a sniper [insert apropos army simile here]. Without being presumptuous after reading your blogs for many months now - it's you. I wish I had me one of those that could reflect me back at myself.

    1. Yeah, I figured I needed to come out from behind the hair since I'm not anonymous anymore ;-) This is going to be strange....

  2. *Turns around screaming and running out, not even bothering to close the door behind her while all your hear is the repeated tha-thump of her screaming heart"

  3. I ate a piece of chocolate cake today. And then I felt gross and not only that, but incredibly fat. But the cake was delish! ha! Hope your bad mood passes soon, and you're back to your incredibleness self, real soon!

  4. **hugs**, hope your feelin back to your cheeky self soon