Thursday, April 19, 2012

Head Closet

Ever found stuff you've written and don't remember writing it?  Whether you found it stuffed in couch cushions or the floorboard of your car or an errant file in some forgotten folder on your computer.  And then, even as you read it, you still don't remember writing it.  As a matter of fact, you aren't even 100% sure you wrote it, although you're 100% sure you did.  And not only that, but you still have no clue what it's about. 

Anyway.  I'm sure I am probably the only human on Earth who loved the movie Return To Oz.  The whole thing was just bitchin', with Dorothy in the psych ward, the wheelers, the super badass smokin' hot Fairuza Balk, and Mombi with her head closet.  Super fucking cool, man.  Just.  Cool.  I know, I'm probably the only human on Earth who loves Fairuza Balk, too.  I always have, though.  Seriously. 

I found this the other day.  Checked the time/date thingy stuff on the file and it says Dec 30, 2011.  I  have no clue what the fuck it is about, but it made me think of Mombi. 

Rise inside
Lift the head she chose today
Replace her baubles and shine
Screw it down
Snap is tight
Smile for the camera,
my little glass angel.
Cover your shame
Your cogwheels and gears.
Touch him slow
Soft voice, easy eyes
Keep your sparklers unlit
Today’s head carries vague whisps
Of her god in the box


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  1. I remember the clockwork soldier Tick Tock and the Gnome King.