Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lady In Extremis

don't look my way
wonder me nightly
put me up in that swank loft
in the gritty shame between your heartbeats.
don't taste my haute grinning guile
devoured like your momma's milk
as though you'd never seen
a she-wraith dancing with fire before.
love that wretched parasite
wringing your sorcery dry.
the one jerking your leash
through puddles of gold
down the well of forgotten boys.
I'll sing on the weighty notes
in a matryoshka choir
cradling time on the inside.
Here's your bakku-shan banshee
berserker beautiful
a gift from me to you.
though the stars in her eyes grow black
and once-fair braids a gray tease
her voice of an angel
tells a slanderous tale
and scars deep
a shadowed heart.


Another Trifecta prompt- Wretched, 3rd definition- "Being or appearing mean, miserable, or contemptible (dressed in wretched old clothes)"



  1. All I can say is "cool". Love the imagery.

  2. I really liked this one. Thanks for sharing! Great poem! :)

  3. Whew - the line about the she-wraith had me imagining a guy in a bar lusting after a man-killer, all the while thinking he was on top of the situation when, if he had really listened to his mother, she could have told him better.

  4. Thanks for linking up, Goddess. This poem is crammed with good stuff, so much so that I don't know where to begin. One of the titles in your side bar says 'Poetry Ain't Dead'. I think this particular one proves your point. Great job.

  5. good grief this is amazing. Banshee Berserker Beautiful? Can I steal that the next time I piss off Bobina?

    seriously, the sensory words click with ease. This is gorgeous.