Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh, Child

I remember you inside me. Raising hell.
You took my body as your own.
Molded my bones to build your temple.
Stretched me, swelled me, fenced your home to spin your web.
You saw your budding toes while mine became hidden.
The darkness inside me a safe shade from the harshness outside me.
My heart beating above you, my breath fighting for space against you- all the soundtrack of your squirming little dance.
A seed of a child sown within a child- sapling to infant, girl to woman.
I grew you.
You grew me.

You took what you wanted, stole it. But I would have given it to you.
The gentle havoc you wrought left me dazed. Was this body enough for you?
You took it all, took it over, erased the child I was to color the child you’d become.
The tiny heart of you beat for every step I took as a girl, and every tear I’d cry as a woman.
I made you.
You made me.

I’ve watched you outside me. Raising hell.
The tearing, gnawing, ripping of your wicked escape healed.
My bones are stronger for you, for all the times you’ve sought my shelter.
The evidence of your presence remains- the web you stretched me to spin.
Your toes are bigger than mine.
And the harshness outside me is no match for your fierce indignation.
My heart beats in secret for every moment of freedom you steal, the open windows, the stretching- inch by inch- of the cord between us.
I hold you.
You let go.

 I pulled this one out of its silent obscurity from my Pleasantly Demented blog in response to the weekly Trifecta Challenge.  This week, the word was safe, 3rd definition: 
"Affording safety or security from danger, risk, or difficulty."


  1. this a beautiful tribute from mother to child. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. nicely done

    ps-- this story tells me it's not finished? is there another stanza or two that you did not submit due to length restraints? I would love to read the continuation..........

    1. Nothing I left out, but I suppose you could say that a third stanza is being written as we speak. They just got their driver's permit ;-)

  3. I can only imagine and say thank you for doing the hard part.

  4. I love the idea of the child in you sucking out your own childhood to mold her own. The images in this piece are so powerful.

  5. Very powerfully written, and a lovely tribute.

  6. Thank you for linking up to Trifecta. This is a beautiful piece of writing. I love the pacing of it, and the way you play with the final lines. "I made you. You made me." Indeed. Thanks for sharing this. Hope we'll see you back for the weekend challenge.