Friday, February 3, 2012

Drivin' and Strokin'

If you missed my Dickholes and Psychos rant, let me recap.  Apparently, my youngest son has been "diagnosed" with "ADD" twice in his life.  Once by his preschool teacher when he was 4, and again about a week ago by his driving teacher, when he was/is 15 (which, curiously enough, are the only two times he has ever seen the inside of a classroom).  I have appropriately put a Santaria curse on both misguided psycho-quack teachers who think they are qualified pediatric psychologists.

But anyway.  Today, I was perhaps vindicated just a wee smidgen when my perfectly brilliant baby chile with his amazingly unique brain  not only passed his driving test, BUT SCORED HIGHER THAN HIS BIG BROTHER.  (And according to the DMV lady, she said they both scored higher than most adults).

So.  Um.  Yeah.  Suck on THAT establishment!

And remember when my oldest kid's girlfriend "friended" me on facebook?  Well.  Last night, I got a little message from her precious little self.

*Basking in my well-stroked ego*

Now, he must marry her, I say!
(spelling mistakes notwithstanding)



  1. omg she called you the "M" word... in all the time I've known you not once have you ever acted like an "M".

  2. Oh I know! Most of their friends call me Mrs. Aimee, and even that took some getting used to. I'm all, "Don't you chirrens know who the fuck I am?!" Clearly, my coolness is past its prime, piercings or not. I may need to get a fat purple stripe in my hair next time I get my yearly haircut. And I just realized I completely wasted my time blocking out my last name. Nice.