Monday, January 30, 2012

Ever So

(Originally written in 2008)

I should have been born with my own soundtrack
theme song
signature onomatopoeias as I step
Because the Earth moves ever so each time you breathe
times every other bone cage

We will all breathe and the Earth will move ever so.
We breathe, we walk, we pick things up off the shelf to inspect its quality, necessity, desirability.
Must it find a place in our home? On a table? On a shelf?
No, put it down.  Walk away.

We are walking, we play, we drive our cars, we stomp and dance, and run.
Imagine all the ever-so’s,
ever so, ever so, little by little, tremble again, scream "we are here. we are here."
Feel us inside you moving like electrons, protons, neutrons
move move move.
Earth moves ever so.

We love, we fight, we strut with importance,
faux confidence of being
to our next appointment.
Earth moves ever so.

We stuff it all under the bed at times for release of inhibition.
Find that release. The one who catches your eye in the moment.
Release me and I will release into you.
Touch me and I will feel you.
Want me and I will need you.
Fantasize and pull me in.
I will stay long, leave fast, rouse deep, hit hard.
End nothing.  Start something.
I will play your hand, save my hand until I pay.
Our Earth moves ever so.

Shine on when the lights go out.
Read on when the words disappear.
Move on when the crowd forgets.
Hold on when our hands are wet.
Breathe on when you only have the smell of her body to remember.
Ever so, we move.
Wake of energy when eyes meet.
Vibe on.  And Earth moves ever so.



  1. Dr. Seuss for grown-ups mwah

  2. It’s a quiet week over at Trifecta which is giving me time to do what I’ve been wanting to do for weeks and get out and read some non-Trifecta related posts. Your writing is great - I love the diversity you have here. And this post in particular rocks! -David