Tuesday, December 27, 2011

You Wait

There are times when the words don’t come. Though they are in your veins. Fill your lungs. Language. In a pot. Full of proclivities. Stirred with penchants. Simmering with histrionics. Add a pinch of verve chaser. Watch it boil.

It’s what you do.

There is a certain éclat in the way you make your words slither. You know you’ve got it. The step ball change and hip shift of rhyme. The syncopation in your groove thing. The flecks of gold in that bit of spit hangin’ tight on your bottom lip.

You laugh at the poets, the jewelers, the stringers of beads. The ones who fish for flair in the flick of a feather, use their little broken hearts, their boo-boos and sad faces to yank a rose of words and force it to bloom. Poets and writers and thinkers of things, effete and shriveled by the weight of their own creations. You laugh.

You are not a poet. Or a writer. Or a master, whip in hand, commanding your little word soldiers to goose-step to the rhythm of your choreographed fucking. Oh, no.

You were born of song, birthed in a lexeme sea, cried with perfect locution, screamed a tete e tete with a verb racket, bouncing off the frail hyperbole of the noun-beaten and lame.

But fakery and puddle breathing ain’t your thing.

So you wait. Silently. For you know that wasting words is an unforgivable sin. Giving them to the undeserving akin to thievery of the poorest soul. Molding, pressing, smishy-smashy finger singing naught but a second-rate castle of cards.

So you wait.

Not to pluck words passing.

But to stir them pouring.



  1. we have GOT to get this thing going!!!

  2. I love this line:

    But fakery and puddle breathing ain’t your thing.

  3. Replies
    1. THANK YOU!! It's so great of you to comment on my blog. It means a lot, really. I appreciate it. It makes me feel all fulfilled and shit. Yay us!!!

  4. If you get the reference you are a goddess. What music do you hear going with this? I somehow need to know...

    1. Hey, did you see up there in the post, I put a "like" button thingy??? It isn't the same as wordpress, but wordpress hates me, so I continue with this abusive relationship I have with blogger.