Friday, December 30, 2011

Momma Dreams

“Do you feel this? This is happiness, boys.”

“What, momma?”

“This. This feeling. As you look out on the horizon, where the Earth meets the sky. And you feel as though everything around you is on fire for no other reason than because your eyes have made it so. This feeling that rumbles inside of you. Beginning at your toes. You are small, oh my babies. Small, indeed. An electron bouncing about in a weather balloon. But you stand here. Here, on top of the very world that plays host to your animus. And you see it for what it is. For all its dazzle and all its grim. And a smile begins to take hold of your mouth. The silly worries of humans seem as a fly on a railroad track while the corners of your lips allow that grin to take shape. Let it be. Let it settle there and stay a while. Breathe. Know that you are here. At this very moment in the midst of infinity. Let it be. This is happiness.”


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