Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And Then

Once in a long while, if you are lucky. If your mind is open to it. It you are willing to see it. And feel it. And hear it. There exist windows along the path you travel. We all travel them. These paths. Some are walled. Some lined with trees or bush. Others open to the air and sun and rain, its direction only existing in the mind of the follower. My path was walled. Grayed concrete. Ugly. I spent years traveling this path. No turns. No ways back. No rights or lefts. No break in the grayness. And it was so important to me that I stay this course. So important. For reasons I cannot even remember. Cannot remember.

I don’t know how many windows may have gone unseen during the years. Perhaps many. Perhaps none. I rarely ever looked left or right. I doubt I’d have seen the windows anyway. In past years, they’d have been an unwelcome distraction.

But once in a long while. If you are lucky. If your mind is open to it….

And then I saw a window.