Sunday, November 27, 2011

To Him

To me
your eyes
shine on
Pale waters
roll on
flashing whispers
in the dark.
Their words
teased once
promise now.
Chasing demons
with a glance
Kindling life
when my fire dies.
To me
your arms
fight on.
Stronger than fear
sail on
soft as cry
of new life held.
Their sway
vanquished beasts
envy none
and trade their sword
to calm the fire
of me.
To me
your heart
holds on
Quiet song
beats on
pounding rhythm
felt beneath
my hand.
Its weight
carries me
over storms
faith alights
through raging sky
its life
raining down
over me.
To me
you are
the longest love
every love
every smile
every moment
every treasure.
My soul, in flame and shadow
who lifted me
and caught me
part of me
saving all of me.
Love defined
screamed and whispered
shared and stolen.
I write it all
for you.


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