Thursday, November 10, 2011


This is the second week my kids have been taking a class at a public school. Out of all the reactions I expected to hear from them, their first one kind of took me by surprise. They are absolutely fascinated with the concept of “teachers.” You have to understand, this is all pretty much foreign to them. My oldest kid (16) said to me, “I just don’t get it, mom. So, the teacher stands in front of the class and, what, just tells the kids the same information they could teach themselves in half the time? What am I missing?" And then he proceeded to solve the state's entire budget issue by suggesting they just tell the kids what they are supposed to learn, give them a few months to learn it, give them a test to take, and be done with it. I'd vote for him. Sure as shit, I would.

Sigh. My babies. Little bro (14) is enjoying the social aspect of it. Not for himself, but just observing the dynamics of the classroom, the interaction between the kids and between the teacher and the kids. He thinks it's hysterical watching the teacher try to be relatable. The little gestures like casually sitting on the corner of the desk, using common slang, interspersing his lecture with jokes. Bro says, “does he really think the kids will pay more attention to him if they believe he’s just a 50-year-old teenager? It’s kinda creepy to me.”

Sigh. My chirrins. Daddy asked them a couple days ago if they now have any desire to go to “regular school.” I don’t think the darts coming out of my kids’ eyeballs could have been more deadly. Jake says, “do you have any idea how dumb we would be right now if we were at that school?”

Sigh. My little smartasses. I truly feel sympathy for the world they are set loose upon.


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  1. you know I've never voted (yea yea blah blah whatever it's not like I've lived there in awhile) anyways I've never voted before but I would so return just to vote for Jake if he ran for prez and then laugh when he kicked them dumb shit's asses into shape oh yea I'd definitely enjoy that.