Friday, March 15, 2013


Have you ever watched a black widow spider? Not seen one. Watched one. They are truly beautiful creatures. Fiercely violent when it’s required. Silent and hidden when it is not. But I will tell you a secret. You could sit and watch a black widow spider for minutes, hours, days, years, and never ever be able to understand what it is like to be a black widow spider. It’s true. You could love that black widow spider with everything you are and everything you have. You could be willing to die for her. But you will never be able to see the world through her eyes. And while it is respectable and commendable that you love her so, while she appreciates the crickets you toss in her web, the protection you afford her, your admiration of her beauty and cunning, and while you may take her lack of bite as a sign that she reciprocates your affection, your love will never be enough to make her human. And although she might not want to hurt you to simply see you suffer, pain becomes inevitable when you attempt to enclose her world in glass, either your pain when she breaks free or her pain when she dies.

"That's when Wendell Gee
takes a tug upon the string
that held the line of trees.
Behind the house he lived in
He was reared to give respect
But somewhere down the line he chose
To whistle as the wind blows
Whistle as the wind blows with me"

Do you know I have 150 posts on this blog that are all drafts?  A lot of them I never published.  A lot of them I took down when I decided to attach my borned self to this blog.  I've been scrubbing through them lately, laughing at myself.  I pulled this one from the chives for the Studio 30+ Weekly Spotlight.

Even though I think the whole concept of having a "favorite song" is quite strange, I have to admit that Wendell Gee has always been my favorite song since forever.  I don't know why.  It's about a used car salesman.  It was originally a song Michael Stipe hated, but I think he grew to love it in the end.  There has never been a great copy online, but this one will do.   If you want it in its full-on glory, you can iTunes it.

The Michael Stipe in this video is the one I fell in love with.  Flat out.  In. Love.  With this man.



  1. Oh how I hate some spiders! :) I kinda loved the post though! Happy Friday!

  2. Nice post. I would have loved REM a lot more if only I hadn't been ordered to -every five minutes- by the music marketing machine of the 80s and 90s. Still, I can't deny how good they were, and that is a really good song.