Saturday, July 16, 2011

To Wonder

Does the weight of conscience keep us chained to our humanity?

Or does the beauty of conscience keep us safe in our humanity?

What if I want to be neither chained nor safe nor stake any claim to humanity?

Does conscience then cease to be a variable?

I like bubbles.

The End.



  1. I think we create our own morality/conscience. I mean some of the kidnest, most moral people U have ever met arre the sons and or daughters of awful scumbag parents.

    Thus, you decide how "safe" you want to be. Inside my head is a high wire act. No safety. Outside of my head is a safe as kitten life...for the most part.

    I like boobies.

    wait did i type that?

  2. Maybe our conscience defines us. We are a social animal and it is in our nature to show compassion and kindness to others of our species so they will treat us the same in turn. It is a basic survival instinct. Those of us who choose to do bad to others are freaks and aberrations of nature.
    I sound like a hippy.

  3. @ Lance- You totally just typed that. But it's cool. We're all friends here. And secretly? I like boobies, too.

    @ Tony- Bad. You're assuming there is a universal definition for this. What is bad?

  4. Bubbles are nice.

    I need some beer to ponder your questions.

  5. Sounds like you don't have an issue with humanity, but with conscience.

    Have you ever read Gilles Deleuze? Just a thought.

  6. @Aimee: Bad as in murder, violence against those weaker than ourselves, theft, rape. You know, bad.

  7. Murder is sometimes warranted.
    "Weaker" is highly relative.
    Theft of properly pales in comparison to theft of the soul.
    And rape is just surprise sex you didn't know you wanted.
    So, again. What is bad?

  8. just remember that morality is subjective and thou shalt NEVER be chained! Consience is a side effect of a morality that has been force fed to us since birth. A morality witgh the intent to control. I could go on for days. Say NO! and FUCK IT!