Monday, March 7, 2011

Recurring Dream

I walk
even strides, long
Tattered dress, trails the grass
Dark hair, reflects the sun
Snow White, how do I know?
I can feel her in me
I walk

I stop
A pond in her yard, dirty cement
Koi, spotted, gold, alive
They swim, through scum
Sun fades, throttled by clouds
I can feel her fear
I stop

I kneel
knees bent, dress in dirt
eyes knowing, same shit, different night
reflection of wrinkled brow, brown water
Koi call, I answer
I can feel their command
I kneel

I reach
one hand, fingernails cut, into earth
one hand, hovers, lingers
last night and again, submerges
water- no, acerbic familiarity
I can feel rendering of fat and flesh
I reach

I draw
hand from under, no hand- evanescent
liquefied, deliquescent, dripping
bloodied- bone to sweat
eyes dead, tilt of head, closer
I can feel no pain
I wake.

Figured I'd give the "Childhood Dreams" prompt a go over at Studio 30+.  Oh, who the hell am I kidding.  I wrote this a couple weeks ago.  It's a recurring dream I had a couple times a week for about 3 years, I guess starting around 10 years old, maybe?  My best bud told me that over-explaining poetry defeats the purpose, so I'll leave it the way it is.  And I'm still super bummed my blog got deleted.  So, If you're coming from the Studio, and you were following Fire In A Frigid World, please click my little followey button over there.  It sure would make me a little less pissed off.



  1. I have recurring dreams, and the first thing I thought of when I saw the prompt was one. Horses the colors of a monarch butterfly and flaming skulls that told me secrets.
    Our mothers probably did the same sort of drugs

  2. I need drugs. Nutter Butters and Kismet the sock monkey aren't really doing the trick this evening. I fully expect to read about horses and skulls tomorrow. Don't let me down.

  3. This is a gooder...each time I read it the image shifts a little. Dreams are great for always having that one faction that is unable to be reached...that one minuscule strand that would bring full understanding. Yet, always it seems to float just out of reach.

    I will be reading and re-reading this several times today at work...

  4. Deep Breath.
    ok kid, you asked for it.

  5. Great post, you always have such a beautiful, stark way of creating your images. I am jealous. Sorry about your blog mishap. I'll follow this one!

  6. Very powerful, vivid imagery, love.~

    What is this about your google account deletion? You had a blog and the entire thing got deleted? That's fucking awful! D:

  7. Oh yes. Just a check mark in my book of "utterly fucking stupid shit to do before I die." Fortunately, I just started this little anonymous off-shoot of my main blog only about a month ago, so not a whole lot lost, but I was still heartsick. Much better now, but I really mourn for all the wonderful comments on my posts. I require lots of attention and petting, apparently.