Saturday, March 19, 2011

99 words

Ride with me
for the night
in the dark, where the lost lie
veiled and dirty
like a whore buying time

So many mouths
breathe words
languishing, buried
bĂȘte noire in a dress
and a rat in the walls

She hides and lies
behind a dead smile
glass on a finger, just barely, just slight
ticking on the second hand
like speed in a hole in a vein.

So ride with me
and you’ll see her
the ugly, the naked, with mud in her toes
she’ll tell you her real name
like the empty face of a new moon



  1. damn

    "veiled and dirty
    like a whore buying time"

    reads like a Liz Phair song, but better. Dug all 99 words.

  2. LOVED this. Well done, darling.~

  3. There she goes again friends. Machina poppin' off coolness that "The Cure" would envy. Good on ya mate.

  4. You guys make my cold toes warm. Truly. All of you wonderful people ;)