Saturday, March 19, 2011

99 words

Ride with me
for the night
in the dark, where the lost lie
veiled and dirty
like a whore buying time

So many mouths
breathe words
languishing, buried
bĂȘte noire in a dress
and a rat in the walls

She hides and lies
behind a dead smile
glass on a finger, just barely, just slight
ticking on the second hand
like speed in a hole in a vein.

So ride with me
and you’ll see her
the ugly, the naked, with mud in her toes
she’ll tell you her real name
like the empty face of a new moon


Monday, March 7, 2011

Recurring Dream

I walk
even strides, long
Tattered dress, trails the grass
Dark hair, reflects the sun
Snow White, how do I know?
I can feel her in me
I walk

I stop
A pond in her yard, dirty cement
Koi, spotted, gold, alive
They swim, through scum
Sun fades, throttled by clouds
I can feel her fear
I stop

I kneel
knees bent, dress in dirt
eyes knowing, same shit, different night
reflection of wrinkled brow, brown water
Koi call, I answer
I can feel their command
I kneel

I reach
one hand, fingernails cut, into earth
one hand, hovers, lingers
last night and again, submerges
water- no, acerbic familiarity
I can feel rendering of fat and flesh
I reach

I draw
hand from under, no hand- evanescent
liquefied, deliquescent, dripping
bloodied- bone to sweat
eyes dead, tilt of head, closer
I can feel no pain
I wake.

Figured I'd give the "Childhood Dreams" prompt a go over at Studio 30+.  Oh, who the hell am I kidding.  I wrote this a couple weeks ago.  It's a recurring dream I had a couple times a week for about 3 years, I guess starting around 10 years old, maybe?  My best bud told me that over-explaining poetry defeats the purpose, so I'll leave it the way it is.  And I'm still super bummed my blog got deleted.  So, If you're coming from the Studio, and you were following Fire In A Frigid World, please click my little followey button over there.  It sure would make me a little less pissed off.